The Haiti Project’s sponsorship program has grown into a beautiful, life-giving ministry which is truly reciprocal when entered into as a ministry. The most profound lesson for me has been how the children, the students, know that they have a sponsor and this is very meaningful for them. After the 2010 earthquake, the very first words we heard from the mountaintop were NOT what had been lost, or devastated, or how frightened the people were. What they said was, how thankful to God they were that things had not been worse, and how thankful they were to have us as Brothers and Sisters in solidarity with them, and praying for them! That is what mattered to them during those first horrific days after the quake. It is about Christ-centered relationship and those children feel and know this.

Thanks to many, many generous sponsors like you, the sponsorship program is the backbone of a wonderful Mission, born through the love of Christ. Due to the faithful work of a holy Haitian Priest, Pere Octave Lafonant, now deceased, and the tireless efforts of many in the Diocese of Milwaukee, Eau Claire, and more recently, St. Michael’s in Illinois, St. Marc’s School can fulfill its mission of educating children and adolescents in Jeannette to grow into their full potential.                      ~ Diane Dawson