Sending a Haitian Child to school is a great way to experience the joys of helping a child in need and making a lasting difference in his or her life. As a sponsor, you will be sent annual photos, report cards, and an Boywithcrosscard_Loccasional note from your school child.  By sponsoring a child, you help him/her become a self-reliant, productive citizen in their community. Your donation provides:

Sponsoring a Haitian student for $250 annually allows The Haiti Project to pay the teachers, administrators, and purchase school supplies.  As long as your sponsored child remains at St. Marc’s School,  you will be able to watch him/her grow and advance through school. If a child you’re sponsoring leaves the school or moves away, we will match you with another child. While we hope our sponsors will renew their commitment annually, we recognize circumstances change, and you may discontinue your sponsorship at any time.  Be sure to select ‘Child Sponsorship’ from the list of designated funds a on our DONATE page.

Here are some of the common questions sponsors have.

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