Sample Itinerary: A 10 day trip begins in Port-au-Prince with an overnight at the International Wall Guest House in dormitory style rooms. The next day, your backpack of personal items (clothes and toiletries) as well as one 50 lb. duffel bag per participant Bible school tam with Chuck smilingcontaining medical / school supplies are loaded into a vehicle for a long, bumpy trip to Jeannette. Although only 70-miles from Port-au-Prince, the trip takes 4-hours and may include a short stop in Leogane at St. Croix Hospital to drop off medical supplies.

Most of your time will be spent in a rural mountain community called Jeannette where the Haiti Project has worked with the community of mostly subsistence farming families. Accommodations are clean, simple and safe. We stay at the rectory in shared rooms. All the meals are carefully prepared and served by local Haitian women. Don’t expect to lose weight, the food is wonderful and gives you a taste of Haitian cuisine. With an emphasis on minimal packing, clothes are hand washed by Haitian women. Attend St. Marc’s Episcopal Church for Sunday service and experience Haitian worship.

Wall's Guest House

Wall’s Guest House

Throughout the week you will interact with people as you walk and work in the village. The work accomplished depends on the gifts and talents of each group. For example, some groups come as a dental or medical teams and work at the Clinic. Other groups come for physical labor. Still others come for vision screenings or to teach English. There is usually a group that comes to celebrate graduation. You may play Uno with the Haitians, take a hike, or star gaze on the roof of the rectory (you will never see this many stars again).

If you’re interested in joining a trip, please fill out this form and mail it to the address it lists.