Hurricane Matthew hit the southwest pennisula of Haiti October 2, 2016.  Jeannette, Haiti lost many fruit-bearing trees, gardens, homes and livestock.  St. Marc’s Graduate and Agronomist, Arol Ilerand, and his local organization (VCCAN) introduced the Clean School Green School Initiative to teach soil composition, reforestation and sustainable agricultural practices at the school weeks after the hurricane.

The result has been a nutritionally diversified school lunch program which uses vegetables from the school garden, reforestation campaigns in the community and support for family garden plots.  Iron deficiency in Haiti is widespread.  Mr. Ilerand’s garden program introduced local children to spinach which quickly became a favorite.

$10,000 National Stewardship of Creation Grant Announcement November 2017.  Clean School Green School is expanding to include students at the secondary school by forming an environmental club, offering field trips and introducing chickens.  Chicken fertilizer will enrich the soil along with the school composting program.  Agricultural work with the community is also included in this grant.