Our largest single commitment is education: building the schools, paying the teachers, and providing textbooks and school supplies.  Today, St. Marc’s has more than 550 students-preschool through 13th grade. July 2017, 100% of the 9th graders passed national exams in a country where less than 50% pass nationwide.  This is an outstanding accomplishment given the average education level for most Haitan adults is 3rd grade, and only 25% go on to secondary school. In addition, 13 graduated from the secondary school with twelve passing the National Exam. This is a 92% success rate compated to 30% passing nation-wide.  Most younger children in Jeanette do not have books of their own.  They share textbooks in school. Paper is also limited. Typically, teachers write lessons on chalkboards and children learn through repetition and memorization.

It is not unusual for a classroom to have 40 children. We are grateful for our dedicated teachers. St. Marc’s provides continuing education for their teachers to keep them up to national standards.


You can sponsor a student to support funding for St. Marc’s School