The Haiti Project seeks to work with our partners at St. Marc’s School guided by a Christ-centered response to poverty and human need.  We support the people of Jeannette as they utilize their inherent gifts, provide opportunities for economic and spiritual development as well as facilitate ways for them to reach their goals.  The people of Jeannette, in turn, nurture us with their joyous worship, resilience and life perspective based on strong family relationships.  Together we walk our faith path guided by God’s love and the eight millennium development goals outlined by the United Nations.

Since 1986, enduring relationships have grown between leaders in Haiti Project and the people of Jeannette.  An authentic partnership is one of mutual respect and listening to one another’s needs.  The Haiti Project strives to follow the Anglican Communion’s Ten Principles of Partnership which includes local initiative; mutuality; responsible stewardship; interdependence; cross fertilization; integrity; transparency; solidarity; meeting together; and acting ecumenically.  To that end, the Haiti Project has weekly communications with the priest in charge of St. Marc’s Parish and on visits to Jeannette, HP leaders meet with teachers and other community members to assess priorities and needs.

Here is a map of all the Episcopal Churches and Dioceses in the US with partnerships in Haiti.