On June 11, 2015 Pere (Father) Jean Lenord Quatorze signed an agreement with the Haiti Project and Episcopal Relief and Development to pursue a micro-credit program (called PROCREEH) in Jeannette. Judith D’or, one of St. Marc’s former students and Business Administration graduate of BTI, was chosen to be the ERD PROCREEH (1)Parish Loan Officer.  ERD provided training for Ms. D’or in Port-Au-Prince.  In the first year of this loan cycle, fifteen women have received micro loans for their small businesses.  This project aims to grow the number of loan recipients each year, then, as people pay back into the system, the goal is an independent Village Savings and Loan Cooperative.  Some of the current businesses receiving a loan include: a sandal business; soap/lotions and beauty products; fritay snack shop; and small food vendors.

The woman photographed separately here is Annette Germain who is Annette with sugar caneconveniently located next to the school so she sells fritay — fried veggies.  Teachers and construction workers can easily walk over to purchase food.  She also sells household staples like rice, cooking oil and beans.Annette Germain