St. Marc’s Episcopal Church

The congregation at St. Marc’s Episcopal Church is served by Priest in Charge the Rev. Pere Jean Moïse Dorcéus. The Diocese of Haiti is part of the Episcopal Church and is its largest diocese. The Episcopal Bishop of Haiti assigns the priest to serve the congregation of St. Marc’s.

St. Marc’s has several choirs and an active youth group. Sunday services are enthusiastic, with lay leaders playing an important role. The worship experience is strongly Anglican with Haitian cultural influence.

A new church was completed in 2018 under the leadership of the former priest Pere Jean Lenord Quatorze. This church was built by the effort of many individuals in the community. When the new space is not used for worship, it is used for events like graduations, concerts, inauguration of government officials, and other community meetings.



St. Marc’s Episcopal School

Over 30 years ago Haitian Priest Octave LaFontant and parents in Jeannette expressed the desire for quality education for their children. They invited partnership with a group of American Episcopalians who were looking for opportunities to live into their baptismal covenant to “seek and serve Christ in all persons”. St. Marc’s Episcopal School grew from this shared concern.

In the years since the partnership began, St. Marc’s Episcopal School has grown to serve students from preschool through high school. This is significant when, according to a 2017 USAID report , the average Haitian (age 25 or older) has only five years of formal education, and only 61% of Haitian adults are literate. Thanks to the diligent work of teachers and administrators, St. Marc’s students often score significantly higher than the national average in national exams.



North Dakota

Jeannette’s Health Clinic

In Creole they say “Lasante se pi gwo richès” – “Health is the greatest wealth”.
According to the World Health Organization, there is only one doctor per 4000 people in Haiti. Health may be the greatest wealth, but lack of access to health care makes that wealth hard to secure.

Things that we may take for granted in the U.S. are not always available in rural Haiti. People die of strokes because they suffer from very manageable hypertension. With only minimal medical care, women and their babies are at risk during pregnancy, birth, and the first years of life. And even if a person sees a visiting doctor, an illness may be missed because of lack of relationship with the patient over time.

But things are different in Jeannette! A health clinic was built in Jeannette in 1989. For 30 years, the clinic has provided care to both St. Marc’s School and to the broader community. Today, with the presence of Dr. Elie St. Martin 10 days a month and the community health work of Lucie Merzier, BSN, clinic usage increased 20% in 2018 over 2017.




Other Partners

Gift of Water provides families in Haiti with a simple, reliable water treatment system which protects them from contaminated drinking water. Gift of Water educates families about proper health and sanitation practices through a WASH (Water treatment, Sanitation and Hygiene) training program. Their goal is to prevent future illnesses and to assist in child development. Visit Gift of Water at

Creative Exchange Initiatives (CEI) invests in local Haitian communities and their leadership to create sustainable improvements in areas of livelihood, food security, land restoration, and economic development. CEI also create cross-cultural networks to promote understanding and provide opportunities in the United States and Haiti. Visit CEI at

Singing Rooster supplies U.S. and other international markets with gourmet Haitian coffee, chocolate bars or cacao and art. It is a social enterprise nonprofit with a big heart. Singing Rooster partners commercially with small producers in Haiti to build better businesses while simultaneously re-introducing the world to fabulous Haitian products. Visit Singing Rooster at